Cucumbers are people too

Since The Empyrean Key was released just over a month ago, I have noticed a recurring statement from friends and family. “I didn’t know you wrote stuff!!!???!!!?!?!” It is the horrible secret I have been keeping from those close to me. Yes. I’m a writer. A filthy, disgusting writer. I’m antisocial. I’m introverted. I’m boring andContinue reading “Cucumbers are people too”

Hey Jo. How do you keep motivated? Well I’m glad you asked.

It’s Wednesday and Wednesday is the worst day. Even worse than Thursday, and he’s a real douchebag. Thursday is the kind of day that turns straight into the carpark you’ve been waiting ten minutes for. You know, you were waiting for this lady to put the baby in the car seat, buckle in the screaming toddler whoContinue reading “Hey Jo. How do you keep motivated? Well I’m glad you asked.”