Hi. My name is Jo and I was a WoWaholic… and I LOVED it

When some folks look back on their accomplishments they see a beautiful montage of time with friends or starting a family. For others it might be reaching career goals or achieving the dream you never thought would come true.

This is mine.


Once upon a time, I played this wicked game called World of Warcraft and boy, did I play it A LOT.

I was Guild Leader (be jealous) of a Horde guild called Hellhounds of Chaos.

No. We weren’t all uber lame basement dwellers.


Well. Maybe some of us were. But mostly, we were awesomesauce.

I raided with the best group of people I’ve ever met. Sometimes when I’m bored out of my nut, I think back on the amazing adventures I shared with these kick-ass players and wish I could go back and do it all again.

The game will never be the same but luckily my good friend David (a.k.a Ole’ One-Glaive) recorded many of our legendary moments, which are now forever immortalized on youtube.

Warlords of Draenor – the latest WoW expansion – released this week. I’m trying my best not to play, I have editing that needs to get done and if I install that game, you’ll be waiting years to get Veil of the Corrupter.

My husband did grab it however and he swears it’s the best expansion since Burning Crusade. Now, if you’re a WoW player and you experienced the epic wargasm that was Burning Crusade, then you’ll realise that such a statement is a pretty big deal. BC was the shizzle.



I need strength right now to resist. Just when I think I’m clean, Azeroth wants me to do lines with it in the bathroom.

This however did inspire my Midweek Motivators. It’s a homage to video games. I could do a zillion of these based on video games, so let’s just call this Part One.


EDIBLE Rashuns. The delicious cheesy snack of all true gamers. But be prepared for scrummy orange cheese dust on your fingers and keyboard. Is it worth it? Hell yeah.

VISUAL Duke Nukem. I know. Duke Nukem Forever was a terrible game but don’t judge The Duke based on that. He is the King of Badassery with such phrases as “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum… and I’m all outta gum” and of course “COME GET SOME!!!”

AUDIBLE M4, Part 2 by The Faunts from the game Mass Effect. Fantastic tune but you know what, it plays in that Kael video I just shared! You don’t want to listen to that again! You deserve fresh video grooves! So instead, enjoy a suitable substitute, “Want You Gone” from Portal 2.

I can’t be bothered updating the graphic so just pretend, ok?

You know. If this post was suppose to stifle my video game cravings it has failed miserably. Maybe I’ll just play some Sims 3. Remodelling bathrooms isn’t as immersive as crushing the Alliance.

 HoC! HoC! HoC!  HoC! HoC! HoC!  HoC! HoC! HoC!


Author: Jo

I write books and eat maltesers. Lots.

8 thoughts on “Hi. My name is Jo and I was a WoWaholic… and I LOVED it”

  1. I found your site through a “World of Warcraft” tag search. I was also a WoWaholic back in 2005-2007ish. Every time I quit, I come back! I’ve been playing the WoD expansion, and it is VERY good. The garrisons are an excellent addition. I hope you find the time to do lines in the bathroom with Azeroth soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My husband loves the garrisons and you’re supposed to be encouraging me NOT to install? Are you pushing WoWcrack on me? Thanks for stopping by Jojobeect!


  2. Marriages that revolve around serious video game play tend to last a lifetime; you are one awesome couple 🙂

    On another note, I actually taught myself how to play Still Alive (Portal 1’s end credit song) on my ukulele! I have yet to play part 2; soon! My PC is almost complete! I foresee some serious endless video game playing in my near future. I am torn! How will I balance my family, reading and video games!?

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  3. I just saw your reply to my tweet about who to level 😉

    I gotta admit, I’m not blown away by WoD. I haven’t logged in for days, and I don’t really feel like it. I don’t like the whole Garrison thing, nor all the changes to professions. I was one of those nuts who actually liked making things and grinding recipes, but those days are kind of over. So if you enjoyed any of that type of thing… yeah. If not, hope the edits get done soon so you can check it out!

    I do miss the old glory days, and the guildies/fun I had back then.

    I think I’m past the addicted stage (I’m seem to cycle through this every couple of years) which is good because I’ll actually get back to writing!

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    1. I loved the grind. It was why I logged in everyday. I was a crazy hardcore. I wanted the rare drops, the rare recipes and allll the Professor Plums because that meant I was awesomesauce.

      But now everything is handed out. When everyone is special, no one is special, as they say. Does that make me one of those weird losers with no life that casual players complain about. Yes. Yes it does.

      But that’s what I loved about the game. I think my biggest ‘meh’ now is the LFG system. It’s just taken away the community that I loved so much and gives douchebags the ability to spread their doucheness through their douchedom because there are no repercussions within their realm.
      People don’t even say hi when they join a group!

      With all the changes they’ve made to help casual players, they’ve turned an MMO into a Single Player RPG.

      Wow. That escalated…
      Hopefully over Christmas I can play WoD. I have to. I have played them all and I’m obsessive that way.

      Thanks for stopping by Leeanna!


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