Hey Jo. How do you keep motivated? Well I’m glad you asked.

It’s Wednesday and Wednesday is the worst day. Even worse than Thursday, and he’s a real douchebag.

Thursday is the kind of day that turns straight into the carpark you’ve been waiting ten minutes for. You know, you were waiting for this lady to put the baby in the car seat, buckle in the screaming toddler who is hitting her in the face and telling her he hates her while the teenager is on their phone not helping at all. You’re smiling politely, tapping the steering wheel, wishing she’d hurry her ass up. At last she loads the pram into the boot and just before she drags herself into the driver’s seat, you see the suffering and hopelessness in her eyes. She seems to be silently pleading with you to help her – to end her misery. But ain’t nobody got time for that! Get out of my spot woman, I gots’ to get me a smoothie. Stat!

So she reverses and you’re happy. You deserve this spot. You’ve put in the work, smiling and sympathetic shoulder shrugs etc. Then he’s there. In his busted up honda civic and he’s zoomed in, put that hunk-a-junk in park and he’s walking away, probably to get a delicious smoothie …. probably the very one you would have gotten had he not pilfered your spot! You beep and yell, but he doesn’t care. He flips you the bird as he walks away in a chicago bulls jacket and acid wash jeans. Life’s pretty cheap to Thursday.

So if that’s what Thursday is like, you can imagine how bad Wednesday is. Anyways. Wednesday makes me sleepy and productivity is at an all time low. Que gif. tired-puppy.jpg

So, I would like to introduce you to my midweek motivations. These are the things that inspire me to write. Something edible, visual and audible. Observe this weeks musings. 170914 So let’s discuss.

I have already spoken of scorched almonds. Actually Nestle should probably pay me, because I’ve mentioned them in both my blog posts. Regardless, they are delicious. If heaven were an almond covered in chocolate, well, people would probably be a little disappointed that they lived their lives to find that an almond covered in chocolate was their ultimate reward. But I’d be ok with it. Two thumbs up.

Next, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. You may now him from Kick Ass or Anna Kareninananananananana. I know him from his starring roles in many of my dreams. Good work Aaron. Plus his wife is old, so he’d probably be into me if he meets me. Probably.

Lastly, Lorde. Some say she is too commercial now because of her success. That she is just another teen pop star. I agree on some levels, but you can’t deny the girl has talent. Glory and Gore is number 1 on the playlist right now.

So in summary. When I need to get writing, I take in large amounts of the above and 95% of the time, stuff gets done. For example, I’ve already edited four more chapters for the next book in the Ardentia series. Results! Buy Nestle.

The Legend of the First Blog Post

And so it happened, that on the 12th day of the 9th month, the not-so-young writer took a seat at her desk and delivered to the world her very first blog post. Was it good? Only time will tell. But more importantly, it gave her a platform to post funny gifs and memes and no one could do anything about it. No post removals. No forum bans. This world is hers and she is above the law!!!!?!!???!


So in the last two weeks, I have released my debut novel The Empyrean Key. This was a pretty huge deal for me. This story has been with me for a very long time and I desperately wanted to share it. You see, I like my fantasy like I like my fives. High. Get it?

Anyway. Movies and books like Lord of the Rings, Willow, Legend, Princess Bride. This is the fantasy I love. Amazing new worlds, characters you care about, adventure and fun in between moments of nail-biting drama. But most of all, they are fantastical! Contemporary is all well and good. I like contemporary, I even write some. But I love being transported more than anything.

Do I want to live in some of these worlds? Sure, if they had a decent internet connection and scorched almonds (mmmm, scorched almonds). But mostly I’m looking for a holiday from the humdrum of my life so I can come back afterwards and think to myself – “Ahhhh. That was great. Maybe I’ll go back there again, but right now I have to do the washing.”

That’s what the fantasy genre is – some where exciting and wondrous where exciting and wondrous people can have exciting and wondrous adventures – and you get to watch! And if you’re lucky, eat scorched almonds while doing so!

And so ends the Legend of the First Blog Post. We laughed. We cried…. well, I cried. I burnt my toe on the heater earlier. Regardless. Fun was had by all, and by all I mean some.

Anyway. Gif time.


Coming Soon . . .

Welcome to the blog of J.L Tomlinson, fantasy author and closet reality show fanatic.
Stay tuned for my first post. 9 out of 10 people I surveyed said it would be good. Who cares what that 1 other guy thinks.