Fates of Ruin; The Ardentia Saga, Book 1

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The first book in a new epic fantasy series set in a world bound to its legends…

Jahna Mornglow is a thief and a liar, a half-breed of the ostracized Narcean race, born with the gift of fates. With no kindred to call her own, Jahna lives as an outcast, placing her faith in the dagger and the coin rather than family or the silent gods that have abandoned them.
But not all is what it seems. Her world is in danger and when the fates within her awaken, Jahna finds herself the banished heir of a kingdom close to ruin.

The land of Ardentia is vast and magical, carved by the Celestial gods and ruled by their mortal descendants. With a once great king mysteriously ill, a thousand-years’ war raging in the east and whispers of an ancient evil’s return, Ardentia’s salvation now rests on the shoulders of Jahna and her guild of young outsiders.

Enemies will be unmasked, secrets will be revealed and a fragmented artefact will breathe new life into the myths of old.
Spurred by vengeance and grief, does Jahna possess the resolve to keep safe a world that has shunned and discarded her?

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