Reveals, Giveaways and Pies… Oh My!

It’s been a busy week!

For those who missed it, I revealed the cover art for Veil of the Corrupter as well as a chapter excerpt to get you all worked up.


Go take a look. Go on! Clickeeeeeeee!


I also got the opportunity to be interviewed by the deliciously wonderful Sparrowhawk on her gorgeous blog. You should read this too!

As well as bedazzling you with insights into that age old question; who is Jo? She is also hosting a giveaway of gigantic proportions!!!!


One lucky winner will take away a signed paperback edition of The Empyrean Key while a second winner will get an E-ARC of Veil of The Corrupter. This is open to international entries.

I know you’re all like, “Hey. Jo. Did I just hear you right? We can win all that slick loot?”

Yes. Yes you can. Enter Here!!!!

You can do things like following me or Sparrowhawk on facebook or twitter for additional entries, which is something you should be doing already! How else will you know what I had for lunch today? (SPOILER: It was a steak and cheese pie)


So this is a new feature I’m trying out.

I have spent quite a bit of time with the characters of Ardentia and sometimes I like to dream about who might play them if the books were a movie.

So in my first segment, let’s look at the tempestuous Princess Mydra Dubraycon, inheritor of her father’s name.

I’ve picked british actress, Anna Popplewell who was Susan in The Chronicles of Narnia film series. Any thoughts?


Only a couple more weeks to Christmas, my favourite time of year!

Brace yourselves for many, many, many Christmas themed posts to come!!!!!


Veil of the Corrupter – Cover Reveal

I’m super psyched to share with you the cover design and excerpt for Veil of the Corrupter, the second book in the Ardentia series.

I absolutely love this cover. Where The Empyrean Key introduced you to Ardentia, Veil of the Corrupter delves deeper into the legends and mythology of the world and throws our beloved characters in the thick of it.

This cover is darker then Empyrean Key simply because the story gets darker. Jahna had a taste of danger in the first book but this time around it will become an unfortunate regularity on her quest for the Key.

The excerpt is taken from a great action scene early in the book that was a lot of fun to write. I hope it gets you excited for what’s to come…


Veil of the Corrupter_CRP

Veil of the Corrupter – Excerpt

Sunlight, soft and hazy, shone down upon a small clearing. As they approached, dirt gave way to cracked stone and in the centre of the clearing stood a statue of Fressia, Guardian of the Overgrowth, with snaking vines for hair and skin made green by moss.

Jahna had never seen a Celestial idol in such disarray. She was marred with dirt and overrun with the growth of the forest. Some would consider it blasphemy to have her so uncared for, but people clearly feared the forest more than the deity’s wrath.

Lilac crouched down to wipe away the dirt that masked the talisman of Fressia, etched into the statues base; a single heart-shaped leaf, encircled by a wreath of flowering vines. Lilac looked up at the statue, paying particular attention to Fressia’s penetrating stone eyes.

Do you reckon it’s true? That Celestials watch us through their statues?”

Silko nodded. “Even the Vessels, or so legend says.”

The Vessels?” Jahna asked. “In Kalavar?”

Silko nodded. “Yes, why?”

Jahna pulled Arn’s coat from his back and quickly threw it over the head of Fressia, covering her eyes. Silko, Lilac and Arn looked at each other with similar puzzlement.

I wish to avoid prying eyes, especially those in Kalavar. Legend or not.”

Arn frowned. “I liked that coat.”

Jahna ignored his woe. “Let’s keep moving.”

They put the clearing behind them and Arn jogged to be beside Silko, putting an arm around him.

So. Silko. What is it in Kalavar that has our Jahna so distressed?”

Our, Jahna?” Silko sighed with a raised eyebrow. “I think if she wanted you to know, she would tell you herself.”

But she seems so busy and I hate to trouble her. Besides! I thought you and I were such firm friends!”

Jahna is firmer,” Silko replied.

Arn smirked and shot Jahna an inappropriate glance. “That she is.”

Shall I get you lot some tea and sweets to enjoy with your chit chat?” Jahna snapped. “Keep it down. If there is something in this forest, I don’t want to catch its attention.”

Have you noticed that when she’s mad, her eyes get all big and her nostrils quiver?” Arn asked.

She never looked that way until you came along,” Lilac grumbled.

Each step they took sunk into mounds of rotten leaves atop moist dirt. The undergrowth crunched beneath their boots and aside from that awful sporadic cackle, their movements were the only sound in the forest.

What is that?” Lilac grunted, her eyes scanning the trees as the cackle echoed from the north.

It sounds like a bird,” Silko replied.

No bird I’ve ever heard,” Arn breathed.

Jahna saw the anxious tremble in each of her companions. It stirred in her too, but she did her best to hide it. She needed them to be brave, even if they had to pretend. Jahna smiled and gripped Silko’s hand, pulling him tightly to her side.

Everything will be fine. Lilac’s axe can take care of any trouble there might be.”

Silko remained unconvinced.

Did you forget why we’re here?” he whispered in Jahna’s ear. “If there is a fallen Celestial in this forest, then I think we will need more than Lil’s axe.”

Suddenly there was movement amongst the trees. Jahna saw the blur of fleeting shadows from the corner of her eye, but when she turned, there was nothing. Not even a broken twig or rustled leaf. Just the dark of Tresconset; polluted with ill will and sour smells.

Jahna gulped, her eyes watching the forest intently.

Why don’t you tell us a story, Silko?”

Silko nodded, gathering his thoughts. “There is the tale of King Mywen who commanded that the forest be burnt to the ground to ease the people’s fears. They came with hundreds of men who carried hundreds of torches, but the forest consumed and extinguished every flame. During the reign of King Mywen his greatest battle was the Seething of Tresconset, a battle he lost. It is written that after his defeat, King Mywen said Ardentia would run out of fire before a flame would sear a branch in Tresconset.”

Arn frowned as he stepped lithely over the growth. “That’s comforting. Maybe you could tell us a story that’s a little more upbeat. Possibly something with rainbows and kittens.”

Before Silko could speak, that horrid cackle pierced the air once more.

This time though it was closer; much closer.

The shadows returned, weaving in and out of the trees and moving faster than Jahna’s eyes could track.

The companions stood with backs together.

There’s something out there, Jahna,” Lilac said.

Jahna shivered and mustered her courage. “I know. And I don’t think it’s a bird.”

Arn reached to his belt and there tucked away beneath his hanging shirt were two silver daggers. He held them out to either side of his body, gripping the pearl handles in his gloved hands.

You’ve been carrying those since Crushell?” Jahna asked.

A Maddroff is nothing without his blades,” Arn breathed. His focus was on the forest and his intense bearing consoled her wavering nerves.

Lilac rolled her eyes and pulled her axe from its strapping across her back. The entire haft was wooden and carved with a deep spiral groove. The double headed blade was flawless silver and set with ornate filigree designs. Lilac gripped the handle, taking a moment to admire her beautifully brutal weapon.

Just stand back, alright?” she called to Arn. “I’ll take care of whatever beasty is out there. Your mother can use those little things to cut up your meat and veges for dinner when I’m done.”

Quiet!” Jahna snapped. “Over there.”

The companions fell silent, watching and waiting for the shadows of the forest to make themselves known. There was the resounding crack of a nearby branch; then another; and another, but no matter which direction they looked, nothing could be seen. Jahna couldn’t keep track of her heartbeat, its rapid speed matched by the shallow breaths escaping her trembling lips.

And then she heard it; a murmur; a dry gasp and finally a hot breath down her neck. A droplet of thick, mucousy muck fell from above, landing on her shoulder and sliding down the leather of her tunic.

Jahna had to fight the voice in her head, screaming at her to not look up. She lifted her chin so slowly that it seemed to barely move at all and found herself looking into a pair of bright yellow eyes, protruding from a face that was almost human.

The grotesque creature hung from the tree branch above by its birdlike feet and its body was cocooned in large, ochre feathered wings. Its hair was a dark matted mess and its stone-grey skin was smeared with thick filth. It held Jahna tightly in its gaze then opened its mouth of rotten teeth, unleashing the shrill cackle that had been following them through the forest.

Jahna had seen enough. She grabbed Silko and began to run just as the creature unfurled its wings and lunged for her with bony arms and razor-sharp talons.

Run!” she yelled to Lilac and Arn.

They ran through the forest, throwing aside hanging branches and leaping over fallen trees. Jahna didn’t know she could run so fast. She had never had such a good reason to try. She looked over her shoulder, hoping to not see that horrible thing close behind them.

It was gone.

Jahna slowed her pace as the others ran on. “I can’t see it.”

That’s a good thing!” Arn yelled, skidding to a halt. “Now keep running! Let’s get out of here!”

No,I came here for something and I can’t leave without it.”

Are you crazy? Did you see that thing?”

What’s wrong, Fingers? You scared?” Lilac scoffed.

Arn’s face was set. “I’m no coward and I am more than happy to bleed any man who thinks me to be one. But, Jahna… that was no man.”

There was a rustle and a crash from the trees above and the creature fell heavily before Arn, landing crouched on its feet and stirring up a cloud of debris and feathers. It rose slowly to stand tall, arching its back and unveiling its wings one at a time. Its body was emaciated, caked in mud and it made short, stuttered movements as a bird would.

Get out of here!” Arn yelled to the others. His mouth curled into an impish grin. “This won’t take but a moment.”

Suddenly there was another loud crash followed by that awful cackle and when the dirt had settled Arn now found himself faced with two more creatures, just as hideous and contentious.

Arn exhaled and spun his daggers in the palms of his hands. “I may need more time.”

The creatures shrieked as they lunged forward, swiping at him with their claws. Arn deftly dodged each attack, bending and rolling his body before turning his blades and plunging the left into the ochre creatures shoulder, then the right into its gut.

He grunted as he pushed the daggers deep into the creature’s flesh, twisting them inside and watching as a putrid black oil seeped from the wounds.

It fell to the ground in racking convulsions, the sounds it made far worse than the cackle. Its agony only briefly held the attention of the other two. They began to circle Arn who stood with his blackened daggers at the ready.

Arn!” Jahna yelled running towards him. “Lilac, do something!”

Lilac nodded and charged in with her axe held high, only to be slapped in the face with a raven wing and thrown several metres across the forest, her body impacting hard against a tree. Jahna hurried to help, taking up a thick branch and swinging it madly at the raven winged creature, but it evaded Jahna’s every strike.

The second creature, with wild orange hair, swooped upon Arn, but he was ready for it, slicing his dagger through the soft skin of its belly and opening it up. Rather than falling like its brethren, this one grew more furious with its pain.

It took swipes at Arn’s face and slashed at his chest, tearing his shirt and cutting deeply into his skin. Arn flinched but despite the pain he spun around, dropped to his knees and moved to plunge both his daggers into its legs.

The creature beat its wings, rising into the air and hovering just out of Arn’s reach. It lashed out with taloned feet, slashing Arn’s forearms and wrists until he could no longer grasp his daggers and they slipped to the ground.

Like a tornado of bone and feathers, the creature spun furiously towards Arn. With eyes wide, he tried to clamber to his feet, but the beast was already upon him, landing a crushing blow across his jaw.

Arn staggered, and as he began to fall, the creature scooped him up into its arms, running with lightning speed and vanishing into the depths of the forest.

Arn!” Jahna cried.

She went to give chase but the raven winged creature would not allow her to pass, blocking her every attempt to escape.

Lilac stumbled to her feet, taking a moment to focus on her surroundings. She collected her axe and labouringly charged at the creature, smacking it across the face with the haft. The creature took flight, striking at her from the air with those vicious talons, slashing and slicing her face to shreds until she was blinded by her own blood.

Silko bit his lip and clenched his fists, finding all the courage he could. Jahna was too slow to grab him before he ran at the creature, only to be buffeted away by its wings and mocked by its cackles.

Jahna saw Arn’s daggers lying in the dirt. She took them in her hands, slashing at whatever she could hit and with luck found a thin layer of skin under its wing.

The creature screamed as it fell to the ground and Jahna took a steadying breath as she straddled its thrashing body. She raised one of the daggers above its heart and braced herself to end its miserable life.

Her breath ceased as she was overcome with searing agony. The ochre creature they’d taken for dead was now hovering above her with its talons buried deep into the flesh of her shoulders. She released a tear filled wail.

Jahna had never felt such excruciating pain and it only intensified as she struggled. The daggers fell from her hands and she could feel her skin tearing under her own weight as the creature flew higher.

Blood flowed thick from her wounds, trickling down her arms and dripping from her fingertips to the forest floor metres below. The world began to blur, black spots clouded her vision and just when she thought she would pass out, the creature dropped her and she landed with a sickening thud.

The creature leaned over her and put its claws to her throat, ready to rip it out. Jahna turned her head, her eyes slowly beginning to close.

A roar filled the forest followed by thunderous strides that she swore could be felt through the very earth beneath her. Something was coming. Large and fast, it burst from the gloom of the wood.

There was a blinding flash of silver light and she watched weakly as the head of the ochre creature fell from its neck and landed beside her, its yellow eyes still wide open. There was a charge from the raven winged creature, but it was dispatched just as quickly, the silver flash bursting through its chest and shattering its spine.

Then silence at last. Horrible silence.

Jahna knew as she lay there that she should be scared, but as she dazed in and out of consciousness, she could not find the strength to focus on any one emotion. Soon the figure was beside her and she felt a strong hand lift her head.

A voice, deep and rumbling, spoke. “Keep your strength, girl. I have you.”

Add Veil of the Corrupter to your Goodreads and keep an eye out for the early 2015 release date which I’ll be posting in the next couple of weeks.

On a side note, The Empyrean Key is now available in paperback for anyone who loves hardcopy. I will be doing a giveaway of a free autographed copy soon, so follow my blog or you might miss out!

A lot of work goes into a book, especially when you have a day job! So I would like to thank everyone who supports me and those who have fallen in love with the world and characters I have created.

Now I can’t have a post without at least one gif so…


They like me! They really like me!

Hey. How are you? That’s great. I’m fine too. Now that we have gotten the niceties out of the way I can do this.

Squeeeeeeeee!!! Zomgomgwtflolololol!!!!!!!!!!!!

giphy I got such cool news this week! I entered SpecFicNz‘s Halloween Flash Fiction competition and

Dun-dun-da-dun!!!! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!

200-2 Knowing that I was competing against other great New Zealand writers gives me massive happies!!!! Flash Fiction is a really fun medium. You have a 500 word limit and you know what? 500 words isn’t a lot at all. It was a great challenge. So without further adieu…..

The One by Jo Tomlinson

Craig was the one. I knew it straight away, from the moment I saw him. He was handsome, but handsome wasn’t special, and Craig was so much more than that. He had golden curls and big blue eyes flecked with grey. I’d been hesitant when he’d first approached me in the bar that Halloween. My last relationship hadn’t ended well. He had promised so much and delivered so little. I’d spent twelve months thinking that it could go somewhere, that finally I had met the man who could make me happy. Instead he hurt me. A lot. I have the scars to prove it. I was in no hurry to risk myself again. But then in walked Craig. I couldn’t look him in the eyes without smiling. I was terrible at playing hard to get. I kept my chin against my chest. I read the drinks menu over and over, anything to avoid those eyes. Eventually I gave in. I looked at him and I might as well have given him my heart then and there. I knew I wanted his. He made me feel something no other man had. Hope. I was hopeful for my future. With Craig’s help, I could survive. Our time together was bliss, my adoration growing with each new day. I found out he went to church every Sunday and helped feed the homeless. We’d visited his family and his mother let slip that Craig had told them he loved me and asked for his grandmother’s wedding ring. He wanted to propose. I couldn’t believe it. Someone loved me. I tried not to smile on the drive home. I didn’t want to ruin his surprise. These last eleven months had made my decision easy. Craig was perfect. On Halloween night, twelve months since we’d met, we drove to a beach and parked on the dunes. He was getting nervous and fiddling with something in his pocket. This was it! Before he could say a word I reached into my bag and grabbed the ceremonial dagger of my forefathers. The silver of the blade flashed in the moonlight and reflected in his eyes as I straddled him and plunged the steel into his chest. Blood erupted from the wound, splattering the windows and soaking my face in a crimson mask. He screamed but no one would hear him here. That is why I recommended this spot. He didn’t put up much of a fight either. The last man scratched and punched. I was happy not to be hurt again. Craig whimpered for awhile, but was quiet by the time I’d finished cutting out his heart. I’d waited twelve months for this, to feast on that kind, sweet heart and as I gorged myself I could feel the power swelling within me. The last man was tainted and impure. With Craig’s good heart I would live another hundred years. Craig was the one. I knew it straight away, from the moment I saw him.

And some great feedback from the judge, author Alan Baxter Alan Baxter: “This is one of those stories that very neatly subverts your expectations. All along I was expecting the perfect man to turn out as anything but, then boom! Plot twist. It’s very neatly done and is an excellent use of the flash fiction medium.” It’s put me in a pretty peppy mood. 200-1 The cover reveal for Veil of the Corrupter is Sunday 30 November. I’ll also put up an excerpt to get you giddy. Be sure to add Veil to your Goodreads list. If you enjoy my blog make sure to follow me by email so you get alerts when I post. You wouldn’t want to miss anything would you? Everyone at school would be talking about this amazing post they read last night and you would be all lame and left out because you didn’t read it. They would point at you. There could be laughing. Someone might call you a dumb-wad. I’m just trying to save you from all that. You can follow via email on the bar to your left.

Hi. My name is Jo and I was a WoWaholic… and I LOVED it

When some folks look back on their accomplishments they see a beautiful montage of time with friends or starting a family. For others it might be reaching career goals or achieving the dream you never thought would come true.

This is mine.


Once upon a time, I played this wicked game called World of Warcraft and boy, did I play it A LOT.

I was Guild Leader (be jealous) of a Horde guild called Hellhounds of Chaos.

No. We weren’t all uber lame basement dwellers.


Well. Maybe some of us were. But mostly, we were awesomesauce.

I raided with the best group of people I’ve ever met. Sometimes when I’m bored out of my nut, I think back on the amazing adventures I shared with these kick-ass players and wish I could go back and do it all again.

The game will never be the same but luckily my good friend David (a.k.a Ole’ One-Glaive) recorded many of our legendary moments, which are now forever immortalized on youtube.

Warlords of Draenor – the latest WoW expansion – released this week. I’m trying my best not to play, I have editing that needs to get done and if I install that game, you’ll be waiting years to get Veil of the Corrupter.

My husband did grab it however and he swears it’s the best expansion since Burning Crusade. Now, if you’re a WoW player and you experienced the epic wargasm that was Burning Crusade, then you’ll realise that such a statement is a pretty big deal. BC was the shizzle.



I need strength right now to resist. Just when I think I’m clean, Azeroth wants me to do lines with it in the bathroom.

This however did inspire my Midweek Motivators. It’s a homage to video games. I could do a zillion of these based on video games, so let’s just call this Part One.


EDIBLE Rashuns. The delicious cheesy snack of all true gamers. But be prepared for scrummy orange cheese dust on your fingers and keyboard. Is it worth it? Hell yeah.

VISUAL Duke Nukem. I know. Duke Nukem Forever was a terrible game but don’t judge The Duke based on that. He is the King of Badassery with such phrases as “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum… and I’m all outta gum” and of course “COME GET SOME!!!”

AUDIBLE M4, Part 2 by The Faunts from the game Mass Effect. Fantastic tune but you know what, it plays in that Kael video I just shared! You don’t want to listen to that again! You deserve fresh video grooves! So instead, enjoy a suitable substitute, “Want You Gone” from Portal 2.

I can’t be bothered updating the graphic so just pretend, ok?

You know. If this post was suppose to stifle my video game cravings it has failed miserably. Maybe I’ll just play some Sims 3. Remodelling bathrooms isn’t as immersive as crushing the Alliance.

 HoC! HoC! HoC!  HoC! HoC! HoC!  HoC! HoC! HoC!


So… Sick… But Must… Midweek… Motivator…

So I’ve been sick for the last few days and it’s been horrible.

At one point, I was incapable of getting up from the couch and could not find the remote. I was forced to watch Geordie Shore for hours until someone came home and saved me.


I mean. I probably could have gotten up, and it turned out I was sitting on the remote. But that’s all in the past and there’s nothing we can do about it now, is there?

The best part of my week however has been discovering the show Defiance. Yes, yes, I realise this has been around for awhile. But as previously stated, I am always late to the party.

It helps that Defiance stars my lady crush, Jaime Murray. I ❤ her much.


So unfortunately, I’ve been super unproductive this week. Thankfully, my Midweek Motivators helped get a little editing done. Enjoy!


EDIBLE: Chocolate Seashells. Belgian chocolate filled with delicious roasted hazelnut praliné.

So one time, I bought a box and ate every single one …


VISUAL: Benedict Cumberbatch. Sherlock himself and the best thing about the ‘meh’ Star Trek 2 movie. I don’t care about terrorists on Earth. That’s something we have to deal with in reality every day! Get your butts back in space and discover new worlds and new civilisations!!!!

Also. Those Klingons were VERY disappointing.

AUDIBLE: Black Sheep by Metric. You might know it from Scott Pilgrim VS The World, which is in my Top 10 movies by the way. It’s got a great whimsical sound and fab lyrics. Must have on your alternative playlist.

So that’ll about do it from me. Now, I must rest and regather my strength, for there is much laundry that must be done and it will not do itself.

News Stuff! Free Empyrean Key and Cover Reveal Date

For those who have been waiting with bated breath, the cover reveal date for Veil of The Corrupter has been set for Sunday November 30.

I will also be posting an excerpt of Veil.

Cue excited gasps and arm flails!


If you are a blogger and would like to participate in the reveal, please flick me an email or leave a comment and I will get in touch.

To celebrate, The Empyrean Key will be on FREE this weekend!

Click this sentence right now to get your free fantasy!!!!ZOMG!!!

Spread the word. The more people reading Ardentia the better!

Midweek Motivators – Augustus Made Me Cry and Work-In-Progressessssesssesss

I’d never gotten around to reading A Fault In Our Stars, so last weekend I trotted off to the local video store – you know, those buildings that rent dvds for a specified amount of time and then you have to return them or feel the wrath of late fees – and grabbed a copy.

I had been warned that I would cry. I laughed. Me? Cry? I don’t cry! I didn’t even cry during child birth! I just rode that lightening and came out smiling like the cheshire cat.

You know, that’s not true. I can’t back that up. Giving birth is REALLY painful. Never doubt that.

Well, balls. I cried. A lot. I think i cried through the whole thing actually. It was so good! These kids need to get oscars or something. They were amazing! Now, for me it doesn’t have too much re-watch value. I don’t like crying over and over unless it’s the Season 2 Finale of Buffy…

tumblr_ma9d1bz7ro1qgx7vzo6_250     tumblr_ma9d1bz7ro1qgx7vzo9_250

Gees, that episode was killer.

Anyways, it’s a good flick. I would check it out if you haven’t already. It was far superior to X-Men; Days of Future Past which I also rented.

Now that thing started out awesome but then slowly and surely, devolved into a cesspool of lame. I mean, Wolverine is ok, but why is every X-Men movie about him! There are so many amazing mutant characters but all we get is Hugh “Look At My Veins” Jackman.



So there we have Jo’s rented movie review of movies that came out MONTHS ago that she has just gotten around to seeing. That’s right folks, I am terrible at staying current. I was rocking out to this baby long after it was a thing.

I was like, “Dude, this song is neat. I just heard about it on the internet.”

And then my husband was like, “Jo. That happened four years ago and that song sucks super bad.”

And then I was like, “Whatever.”

Well it’s that time of the week!!!!!


Midweek Motivators is a regular segment where I share with you my inspirations for getting through a tough writing week. Something Edible, Visual and Audible or “The food I stuff my face with while perving at some hot dude and listening to bad ass tunes.” – trademarked.

EDIBLE: Chocolate Croissants – I like chocolate. I like croissants. I was sold immediately. Although I think they could have come up with a better name similar to Cronuts. Chosants? Chococro? Stnassetalo? (That one’s just letters really. I don’t even know how you’d say that).

Now, I’m no baker but I do believe I have the secret recipe for this treat.

1) Get a croissant

2) Stuff it with chocolate

You’re welcome.

VISUAL: Idris Alba. He was in Pacific Rim, the best and worst movie ever!


He’s all tall and smouldering with the flecks of grey in his beard. It’s all very appealing.

AUDIBLE: Sail by Awolnation has been a great source of inspiration for me this week. I have that thing on repeat and it is goooooooood.

It was Sail that got me writing a lot of the new series that I have been working on. Don’t worry! Ardentia still has a long way to go, but to save myself from burnout, I am also writing an urban fantasy series.

It will centre around the character of hybrid mercenary Ellie Black, and the dangers that await her in the first test city where humans and otherworldly creatures, who once fed on humans, will learn to coexist now that synthetic foods have been introduced. But naturally, things will go wrong and that is where our Ellie will come into play.

It’s very work-in-progress at the moment but will hopefully be ready for readers in late 2015.

In the mean time, we’re still counting down to Veil of the Corrupter! I’m excited to be releasing some sample pages next week! Stay tuned for updates! There will be a lot popping up in the coming weeks.

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Check out the Ardentia page and add The Empyrean Key and Veil of The Corrupter to your TBR lists on Goodreads!

Halloween. Todd Clever. Alf. Thank You, America.

Say what you like. The good old U.S of A has the best stuff.

When I visited my amazing family-in-law last Christmas, I was bamboozled by all the goodies in their temple, The Mall of America.

Now this thing is a mall, buddy. It doesn’t just have a McDonalds, a Countdown and a Glassons as we kiwis are accustomed to.

It has a floor – YES A FLOOR – of restaurants. There is a shop that just sells socks. That’s it. A wall of socks. Do you think a sock store could survive in a Westfield mall? Supre just closed down in my nearest mall for pete’s sake. That’s not such a bad thing. We will have much fewer baby prostitutes in shirts that say “I’ve been naughty”. So thank you for that.

But I digress, as usual. America is neat. I like their things and I like their swagger.


Some folks are the opposite. They say too much American culture is seeping into our Land of the Long White Cloud. Specifically in this case, Halloween.


“Why should we celebrate Halloween? It’s an American tradition? What’s it got to do with us?”

Ummmm. Is Santa from Taranaki? No. He’s not. I would know. I know everything about Santa. I’m his biggest fan as mentioned in previous blog posts.

I love Halloween. It is a spooky, corny, candy-filled holiday. I’m more of a traditionalist. I like the pumpkins and the witch hats and the spider webs. When I was around 10, we would get Halloween specials on New Zealand TV – even though we didn’t celebrate it, wtf? – and they introduced me to this amazeballs event.

What was this fricken awesome holiday they had? They dress up? They get candy? What is Trick or Treat? It was a revelation! And for someone like me who loves the eerie, dark and supernatural, a holiday centred around a night where the dead can come back from the grave!



Fast forward 9 years – Yes. Do the math. I watched the movies when I was 10 + 9 years = I am 19 years old right now and there is not a thing you can do or say to change that – and New Zealand is starting to feel the haunting Halloween spirit *Wooooo* *Ghost Wail* *Spooky Sounds*. There are still haters out there but hey, if you want to sit at home in your dumb, normal, non-costume clothes and not eat delicious, free candy then go for it Mr or Mrs Grumpy-lame-face.

So to summarise. Halloween Good. Me Like.

Oh right. Todd Clever and Alf. Both American heroes with amazing hair. They are truly gifts from the lands of America. I could tell you a million more reasons why both are awesome but I’ll just leave you with this image. It says more than I ever could.


Writing Update: Countdown to the Veil of the Corrupter cover reveal.

Exciting! For those who follow my blog, not just for my amusing social commentary but also because I sort of write things, the second book in the Ardentia series, Veil of the Corrupter, will be released early 2015.

We’re going to start the event off with a cover reveal for Veil. How exciting! Are you excited? I know I am!

There will be more information in the coming weeks so be sure to follow me on Twitter for updates.

I appreciate all the support I’ve received with my writing. If you enjoyed The Empyrean Key, please, please, please share it with others. Let them know you liked it and encourage them to give it a go. The more people reading the series the better!

And I almost forgot! What would a Halloween post be without the bestest most awesomey Halloween movie EVER!!! There’s no machete wielding mad man, no randy campers, no terrifying dude in a fedora hacking you up in your dreams. Just a good old fashioned virgin who lit a candle.


Happy Halloween!!!! *Wooo* *Rattle Chains* *Blaahhh* *Scary Noises*


Midweek Motivators – The Three D’s. Drinks. Dudes. Dusic. (I know how to spell music, just go with it.)

I warned you I’d be back on Wednesday.

If you’re reading this then..

A) Hey. How you doing?

B) You have no one to blame but yourself

I have many loves in my life. A good book. A well pruned hedge. The smell of the freezer at the supermarket.


Anyway. It’s those things that I love that normally save me from writers block. As you know, I write stuff. Books specifically. Well, I write other things of course. Shopping lists. Cheques for bills. Ransom notes.


No, no. I don’t write ransom notes. You don’t write ransom notes. They’d just analyse your handwriting, stupid. You need to cut letters out of magazines. Duh? We’re getting off track… Midweek Motivators! This is a regular on my blog. Three items – edible, visual and audible – that are great for pumping chapters out of me! Yes. Pump.


Edible – A Full Tank Carribean from Tank Juice Bar – Oh My Gawd. There are few things in the world that taste as amazing as this drink. It’s all bananas and coconuts and mangos and deliciousness. I keep telling myself that I’m only going to get a minitank because they are crazy overpriced, but then I get to the counter and the guy is like, “What size?” and I’m like, “Screw it. Full Tank.”

Visual – Starlord a.k.a Chris Pratt a.k.a now his milkshake is bringing all the girls to the yard even though I appreciated him when he was funsize on Parks and Rec.


Is it the beard? I’m definitely a beard man. Is it that he’s accessible to homely looking girls like myself? Is it because he’s funny? Every girl wants a funny guy who is rich and on tv. It could be any of the above. Regardless, he’s on the list. PS: Guardians of the Galaxy fricken RULED!!!!!


Lastly. Audible. Now, Lana Del Rey has gotten some slack for her live performances, but she will probably never have a show in New Zealand, so I’ll never have to hear her live and deal with the consequences. On a heavily produced radio edit she sounds great! She’s got some awesome songs to write to, my favourite is Born To Die.

Mmmm. Sweet tunes.

Writing Update: Veil of the Corrupter is coming along great and will be ready for ARC reviewers in December.

The Empyrean Key has been getting some AMAZING reviews. One in particular had me gobsmacked and reminded me why I love writing.

Check out Sparrowhawk’s 5 Star review!

For those who use Goodreads, I encourage you to pop over and look me up. Add me to your Favourite Authors or add my books to your Want To Read list to keep up with what I’m doing. Clickee

I appreciate the support of all those who have read The Empyrean Key and I can’t wait to show you more of Ardentia!

Fantasy Friday! Don’t google it. It doesn’t mean what I thought it would mean…

You’ve already googled it haven’t you? You naughty sausages.

Anyways. It’s Friday and you know what that means


Yes. We gotta get down.

Now before you start riding me about it, yes, yes. I know I didn’t put up my regular Wednesday post and I also know how very disappointed you all are. I had the .jpg ready and everything.

My excuse? I was binging on Supernatural. I really don’t think any further explanation is necessary.


But rest assured, I will be back to my usual blogging schedule next Wednesday with my “Midweek Musings”.

But for now, to celebrate Fantasy Friday which TO ME means it’s Friday and you should read a Fantasy book because they both start with “F”, The Empyrean Key is on sale this weekend for just $0.99.

How much stuff can you get for 99 cents nowadays? Maybe a can of unbranded soda? Perhaps an expired packet of noodles? Or…

The Empyrean Key by J.L Tomlinson



That’s right folks, grab The Empyrean Key on sale for this weekend and get your fantasy-freak on! Click the provided links or look over to your left and clickee le image.

Why you may ask? Because I’ve had a great week. Things are going super well and I hope this is just the beginning! See you Wednesday!