Jahna Mornglow



AGE: 17     RACE: Ardentian/Narcean     HAIR: White     EYES: Blue

BIO: Jahna Mornglow was born in Groden Cove, a small coastal village in the Western Empire. She is the only child of Narcean, Sylviette Mornglow. Her father, as of the first half of The Empyrean Key, is unknown.

After years of bullying as a child due to her Narcean heritage, Jahna is taken under the wing of Lilac Vengmar who protects and befriends her. Years later, a stronger and more confident Jahna adds Silko Hopperclod to the group under similar circumstances.

Jahna’s Narcean abilities are unruly and untrained. As a teenager, she has taught herself to read the thoughts of those with a weak will or who are under the influence of wine or ale. She can also use her powers of prophecy on small, simple beings such as olidraams in order to predict the outcome of oli games. After years of attempts to induce them, Jahna has begun to randomly experience visions which are more intense, vivid and not set in the immediate future.

As a half-breed with no formal Narcean training and without the shala’jinn to share the burden of such knowledge, mentally and physically, there is no way to know how Jahna’s mind will cope with the strain, especially if her abilities continue to escalate.

APPEARANCE AND CHARACTER: Jahna is of average height and build with brown skin, blue eyes and typical Narcean white hair. She has pretty features with full lips and a smooth complexion.

Jahna has an adventurous spirit and a rabid curiosity. After accepting her as one of their own, the people of Groden Cove are the only family Jahna has ever known. As such, Jahna feels compelled to help and protect them as best she can.

Jahna is a logical thinker but she can quickly grow impatient and has been known to be rather tempestuous if things do not progress the way she would like.

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