Light Tripper – Cover Reveal

Exciting news, amigos … COVER REVEAL TIME!!!?!?!?!!?!??!! My cover designer, Lisa has been hitting that photoshop super hard for very poor pay and even with such horrendous working conditions, she’s come up with a real gem. Nice right? Or in the words of my unrequited love, Bobby Roode … Light Tripper is available for pre-orderContinue reading “Light Tripper – Cover Reveal”

Cover Reveal – The Light of Mytis

Oh, hi there. Whether you are an avid reader or just ended up here by accident, you have arrived on quite a fortuitous day! I’m very excited to share with you the cover for the newest edition to the Ardentia series, The Light of Mytis, which is scheduled for release this December. BEHOLD THE SHINY!!!!!Continue reading “Cover Reveal – The Light of Mytis”

Reveals, Giveaways and Pies… Oh My!

It’s been a busy week! For those who missed it, I revealed the cover art for Veil of the Corrupter as well as a chapter excerpt to get you all worked up. Go take a look. Go on! Clickeeeeeeee! I also got the opportunity to be interviewed by the deliciously wonderful Sparrowhawk on her gorgeous blog. You should readContinue reading “Reveals, Giveaways and Pies… Oh My!”

Veil of the Corrupter – Cover Reveal

I’m super psyched to share with you the cover design and excerpt for Veil of the Corrupter, the second book in the Ardentia series. I absolutely love this cover. Where The Empyrean Key introduced you to Ardentia, Veil of the Corrupter delves deeper into the legends and mythology of the world and throws our beloved charactersContinue reading “Veil of the Corrupter – Cover Reveal”

They like me! They really like me!

Hey. How are you? That’s great. I’m fine too. Now that we have gotten the niceties out of the way I can do this. Squeeeeeeeee!!! Zomgomgwtflolololol!!!!!!!!!!!! I got such cool news this week! I entered SpecFicNz‘s Halloween Flash Fiction competition and Dun-dun-da-dun!!!! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!! Knowing that I was competing against other great New ZealandContinue reading “They like me! They really like me!”

News Stuff! Free Empyrean Key and Cover Reveal Date

For those who have been waiting with bated breath, the cover reveal date for Veil of The Corrupter has been set for Sunday November 30. I will also be posting an excerpt of Veil. Cue excited gasps and arm flails! If you are a blogger and would like to participate in the reveal, please flick meContinue reading “News Stuff! Free Empyrean Key and Cover Reveal Date”