Starbucks dodge taxes but not my tastebuds… Worst title ever

I almost didn’t post this week. I’ve been super mega busy with editing Veil of the Corrupter and for anyone who hasn’t noticed, it’s friggin Christmas!!! Which means decorating, listening to Mariah’s “All I want for Christmas is you” on repeat and spending ridiculous amounts of money while my husband yells “Rabble Rabble!!!!” and triesContinue reading “Starbucks dodge taxes but not my tastebuds… Worst title ever”

Hi. My name is Jo and I was a WoWaholic… and I LOVED it

When some folks look back on their accomplishments they see a beautiful montage of time with friends or starting a family. For others it might be reaching career goals or achieving the dream you never thought would come true. This is mine. Once upon a time, I played this wicked game called World of Warcraft and boy, didContinue reading “Hi. My name is Jo and I was a WoWaholic… and I LOVED it”

So… Sick… But Must… Midweek… Motivator…

So I’ve been sick for the last few days and it’s been horrible. At one point, I was incapable of getting up from the couch and could not find the remote. I was forced to watch Geordie Shore for hours until someone came home and saved me. I mean. I probably could have gotten up, andContinue reading “So… Sick… But Must… Midweek… Motivator…”